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The Breast-Massaging Business Is Booming in China

Way back before 2007, even a licensed “lactogogue” such as Wang Xiaohong couldn’t make a living just on massaging the clogged milk ducts of new nursing mothers. That, however, was before the boom in postpartum maternity and child care, a result of the fact that more Chinese mothers are having fewer children and thus devoting more time and attention to those children. More >

Chinese tourist count to rise in mid-May after quota doubles

The China Post news staff–The number of individual Chinese tourists coming to Taiwan is expected to start increasing in mid-May after the daily visitor quota is scheduled be doubled to 1,000 from 500 beginning from April 28. More >

Tourism campaign targets China

CHINESE viewers will be the first to see the next round of ads promoting Australia to the world, as the government tries to woo the fastest-growing source of inbound tourists. Tourism Australia said yesterday that the next two-minute film in its current campaign will be launched in Shanghai in June, before being shown around the world. More >